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PT. CITRA BARU PERKASA is a general trading distributor for leading manufacturers of engineering materials. In the same business for more than 15 years, our Sales Team is trained in developing the latest products to support your needs. Our Customer Service and Logistics Staff are ready to meet the demands of the supply line.

Currently we have high quality products and have a good reputation in the business world, namely:

1. Bostik from Europe which is famous for its adhesives which rule the world of car body for adhesives of glass and metal, metal and metal and other types of plastics.
2. Henkel from Germany with its famous product Loctite which has a special application in machining and Bonderite for the metal cleaning pretretament from oil, grease and rust which is widely used in the metal industry.
3. 3M products from USA which are well-known in the automotive and building industry in Indonesia and abroad with double sided tape and Scotch bridges.
4. Electrolube from England which has a special application in PCB products for the automotive, oil and gas and other industries.
5. Interflux from Belgium which is famous for its "NO CLEAN" Flux and its newest product, LMPA, which can save soldering material applications and energy used up to 40%.
6. Miracon from Malaysia whose application is for the molding process of various goods used in industrial automotives and sanitary and general industries based on an Epoxy system. Epoxy and PU glue which have many variations for use are processed for adhesion with different materials.
7. Rampf from Germany for BOARD which is used to make jigs and tools for automotive and metal industry in general. Also for electronics low-medium Voltage material from Rampf can be applied.
8. Hong Yie Ji molding products from China based on Silicon material for making various kinds of handicrafts and for buildings.
9. Reckli from Germany with his PU product which is used for molding processes in the sanitary and building industries
10. Koskote from Malaysia is powder coating that can meet the needs of customers in the automotive and other metal industries.

We guarantee satisfaction for our customers in terms of distribution that is fast and according to the needs of our customers at competitive prices accompanied by quality goods that can be trusted and are environmentally friendly
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